It all starts with soil

Most people take soil for granted. It’s just dirt, right? Well, no. It’s actually the beginning of a great glass of milk. And almost all the food we eat, all around the planet.

健康的土壤也可以帮助equester carbon. That’s why we’re piloting new soil health-boosting initiatives on 11,000 test acres of land, as we go carbon positive by 2025.

Organic farming practices are already designed to help keep soil healthy and improve it over time. Healthy soil provides a home for microbes, bacteria and fungi, insects and worms. Within this circular system, matter eaten by insects and worms is returned as nutrients. Plants growing in the soil move carbon underground, helping keep it out of the atmosphere. The organic matter in soil allows it to absorb and filter water, helping prevent erosion and control flooding.

Our farmers rely on composting, cover crops, crop rotation and responsible grazing to help manage soil health and provide their cows with pasture grass and forage. Toxic, persistent pesticides that can linger in soil are strictly prohibited under organic regulations.

Our cows play a role in soil health as well, breaking up soil as they move around, and providing manure that can fertilize the soil.


Wind energy for us

We pasteurize and package our milk at our own plants. At our plants, 100% of the electricity used to make our products comes from wind energy through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.



The paperboard we use for our half-gallon cartons is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Get more details cartons and single-serves are recyclable, and so are our yogurt, cottage cheese and spreadable butter tubs. Just follow the How2Recycle®instructions on the pack and help give our packaging a second life. Find more details